Our Individualised Learning Difficulty Support Packages

Having a learning disability means an individual can find it harder to learn certain life skills. The problems and challenges faced by individuals with learning disabilities vary in severity, but always start before adulthood and affect them for their whole life.Individuals with learning disabilities might struggle to learn new skills, have difficulties understanding, communicating and need support with things like household tasks and managing money.Several conditions are associated with learning disability, including Down’s syndrome, autism and Asperger syndrome, cerebral palsy and global development delay. A person who is diagnosed with one of these conditions is more likely to have a learning disability of some sort.Every individual is different and disabilities vary from very mild – for example, someone who needs help to fill out forms – to a more severe condition called profound and multiple learning disability (PMLD). An individual with PMLD has a range of sometimes severe problems and often needs round-the-clock support with most areas of their lives.However basic or extensive a person’s needs, we’re here to help. We provide personalised and person-centred support aimed at helping every individual to be as happy and fulfilled as possible.And we know it’s important that, for many people, we offer ‘just enough’ support – enabling them to do as much as they can for themselves, while developing skills that will ultimately help them to live more independently.


Learning Difficulties Support:

  • Assertiveness (protection against vulnerability and abuse)
  • Communication skills
  • Appropriate behaviour
  • Confidence building
  • Health and well-being
  • Community involvement